Creative Musicians 2 -- More Highly Underrated Masterpieces From The Funk Era

An incredible batch of funky jams in a seemingly disparate range that burns together beautifully. The set has an appropriately grimy fashion with a gutterfunk blast that would make even the JBs blush. The energy carries throughout the rest of the set, with curator Florian Keller's track list featuring powerhouse soul, percussion & keys instrumentals, psychedelic flourishes, soul grunts, and leftfield numbers from funky funky Europe.

1. Jimmy Lynch - fucking up
2. Faruk Green – faith
3. Josephine Jones & The Raw Soul - candy man
4. Betty Barney - momma momma
5. Liz Mc Call - double determination
6. Bo Baral - no time to wallow in the myrrh
7. Bobby Wayne - you're blowing my mind
8. Ruff Francis - give me mercy
9. James Lewis – manifesto
10. Pamoja - oh baby
11. Energetics - you make me nothing
12. Family Affair - i had a friend
13. The Malcouns - something going wrong
14. Jimmy Lynch - let a woman be a woman, let a man be a man
15. David Robinson - i'm a carpenter
16. Darling Dears & Funky Heavy Production - and i love you
17. Madeleine Bell - love is all you need
18. Joe Marcinkievicz - tomorrow’s time
19. Frank Hatchett - galaxy medley

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